Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

About the Department

Department of Chemistry in Vaigai Arts and Science was established in 2018 with B.Sc Chemistry. The Chemistry UG program compromises a broad range of subjects. It is convenient to divide the chemistry subjects into organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry and spectroscopy.

Skilled chemists are in the need of current scenarios, required to work in production, process and research & development. The chemist develops life saving drug molecules to the society. They produce food products. They process petroleum. Overall qualified chemist are required to meet the industry need in testing, production, quality control, packing of consumer goods, cosmetics, food products, paper, paint, polymer, dyes, fruit processing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, metal finishing in automobile components etc.


To produce competent Chemist, Researcher and Scientist through quality education.


The mission statement of the Chemistry Department is to train the UG students by providing basic knowledge, good laboratory practices and research training through teaching, practicals and student project.

B.Sc Chemistry

A candidate who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination of Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Board or an examination of some other board accepted by the syndicate as equivalent thereto with Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and any one of the following subjects namely, Botany, Zoology or Biology shall be eligible for admission into B.Sc., course in Chemistry.